A Background of Islam as a Faith That Was Founded on the Revelation TAKEN TO Humanity By Prophet Mohammad

A Background of Islam as a Faith That Was Founded on the Revelation TAKEN TO Humanity By Prophet Mohammad

History of Islam

Islam is definitely a religion that was founded on the revelation taken to humanity by Prophet Mohammad. (570 C.E - 632 C.E) Islam was taught as the most recent version in the ongoing faith of God that can be tracked back through Jesus to Moses and Abraham. As a result, Islam accepts Christianity and Judaism as the real religions that were delivered to human-beings by God. Although this is actually the situation, coaching of Islam promises to supersede these other two crucial religions' truths with a fresh divine revelation. The term Islam originates from the Semitic root "slm" this means submission to an increased electric power or the peace that originates from that submission.

Mohammad, the last prophet of Allah which means God in Arabic, was created in 570 in a little clan of Quraysh tribe in Mecca. In 610, when he was 40 years old, he began to possess visions and in one of these, he noticed angel Gabriel. Gabriel provided him God's earliest orders. After some time, Mohammad realized that he was acquiring text messages from God. He commenced to take these messages to the persons of Mecca. Mohammad claimed of a one and a transcendent God that was not simple to be recognized by the clan of Quraysh, because in those days these were worshipping 365 idols that were occur a cubic construction called Ka'bah. Ka'bah is normally believed to be made by Adam and rebuilt by Abraham.

After a decade, the Muslim community grew slowly and gradually and naturally pressure increased between Muslims and non-Muslims who continuing to worship the idols in Ka'bah. Pressures


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