A Evaluation of the Similarities Between your People of Romeo of Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet and Luke Skywalker from the Superstar Wars Movies

A Evaluation of the Similarities Between your Heroes of Romeo of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and Luke Skywalker from the Celebrity Wars Movies

Romeo & Juliet Writing Assignment

Romeo, the main persona of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet shows very interesting personalities through the entire play. In ways, Romeo is comparable to Luke Skywalker, the key character from the Superstar Wars Original Trilogy movies being that they are both adults who don't know what decisions to create. Romeo and Luke Skywalker both faced obstacles throughout their reports and made awful decisions which caused their tales to be modified into undesirable situations.

Romeo is a Montague who sneaked right into a get together and meets his take pleasure in, Juliet. Romeo quickly realizes that Juliet can be a Capulet, the rival category of the Montagues. In the take up, Romeo confronted the conflict of needing to maintain his like towards Juliet despite their feuding families. Through the entire play, Romeo takes tips from Friar Laurence, a priest who wedded Romeo and Juliet.

Luke Skywalker in A New Hope is introduced as a boy who lives along with his uncle and aunt, also referred to as his adoptive parents. Through the movie, Luke satisfies Ben Kenobi, a former Jedi Knight. Ben asks Luke to become listed on him with aiding the Rebel Alliance to ruin the Galactic Empire's space station. Luke is usually in that case trained to use


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