A Literary Research of the Phantom Poem,The Garment of Salvation

A Literary Examination of the Phantom Poem,The Garment of Salvation


A Explanation of a Phantom Poem


phantom poem, titled “The Garment of Salvation”, virtually all basically

illustrates the celebration of a person looking at an object

getting fire. Though this literal picture inhabits the first of all stanza,

the reader will begin to note the metaphorical excess fat of the

observations. The anonymous narrator admires the slow-catching yet

eventual dominating mother nature of the fire and parallels her personal

sexual encounters with a specific lover. To talk the story,

the poem will analytically shape a glimpse, feel, and sound representing

the narrator’s unique emotion.


primary glance, this poem sticks out to the reader in physical variety.

Breaking from a organized pattern for instance a sonnet, a free of charge form poem

captures the essence of emotion explained. Initially, three stanzas

made up of four lines a bit setup the narrator’s present

situation. The 1st stanza accounts the narrator’s visual of the

burning object. Following this initial description, the next stanza

delves right into a self-reflective questioning of the personal. This section

communicates a sense of undesired solitude in the speaker’s

present circumstances and timidity towards the partnership. The third

stanza initiates the evaluation of their regards to the enlarging

and infecting fire, informing of their love with lines such as for example “And

with every Fireship of our relation, /And rage of touch” (9-10).

In the fourth stanza, the ultimate stanza with four lines, the speaker



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