An Analysis of the bond between the Zodiac, Faith and Myth in the History of the Sphinx

An Analysis of the bond between the Zodiac, Religious beliefs and Myth in the Tale of the Sphinx

The Riddle of the Sphinx

The analysis of myths probably started out in the 4th century. BC. when Euthemerus explained

them as exaggerated adventures of historical persons. The allegorical interpretation of

myths , stemming from the 18th century analysis , says that at onetime myths were invented

by wise guys to explain a truth, but after a period myths were taken basically. The linguistic

corruption interpretation says that myths could possibly be understood as allegory for events found in

nature. The Jungians institution denoted myths as a system of wish fulfillment. Sir James

Frazer, believed that myths were actually linked with the thought of fertility in nature,

with birth, loss of life, and resurrection of vegetation as a continuously recurring motif. Though the

modern interpretation of myths isn't general but a particular explanation for myths of a single

people. The theological interpretation claims that myths happen to be foreshadowings of facts of the

Scripture or corruptions of these. This view, which isn't contemporarily popular, is

surprisingly enlightening when interest is paid to this is of names of characters and

places in relation to Biblical


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  • An Analysis of the bond between the Zodiac, Faith and Myth in the History of the Sphinx
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