An Analysis of the treating the indegent in Victorian Times

An Analysis of the treating the indegent in Victorian Times

The treatment of the indegent in Victorian situations were terrible. The indegent were incredibly poor, without housing or enough funds to aid their families, unlike today, where poor means choosing economy products rather than brands. In Victorian England the speed of industrialisation was such that there is a big gap between your poor and the abundant and the poor had almost no privileges at all. In Dickens novel, Oliver Twist, he shows how bad the life span of the indegent was, children specifically.

In Oliver Twist, Oliver was created in a workhouse, this took place right in the beginning of the publication, and Dickens shows straight away how since Oliver began lifestyle in a workhouse he was occur life as an unhealthy person: "It would have been very difficult for the haughtiest stranger to own assigned to him his appropriate station in society."

Dickens shows how badly the indegent were treated almost all their lives by the narrator telling us of Mrs Mann, a female who was responsible for plenty of orphan children. Her treatment of these was uncaring- the kids in her attention were: "inadvertently scalded to loss of life when there been a cleaning," or accidentally starved to loss of life from neglect. Because Oliver was located in society to be poor, he was cared for very badly without affection or love, simply just hostility and neglect.

When Oliver became 9, he was also old to remain with Mrs Mann under her attention and was moved to operate in a workhouse with a huge selection of other the indegent, lunatics, criminals, and


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