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CAT 1998 Conventional paper

Section – 1

Direction for queries 1 to five: A part of every sentence provided below has been underlined. You have to pick the option that best changes the underlined part.

1 )

British Airspace has been focusing on building Western links. a. concentrating on creating European backlinks

b. going after ways of building European online connectivity

c. stressing on building European links

m. focusing on forging European links

2 .

The appetite of banks intended for funds was lost under the onslaught with the slowdown, corporates refused to borrow even while bank deposit flourished.

a. bank build up flourished

m. bank deposits swelled

c. bank deposit were enhanced

d. lender deposits flummoxed


The 8th-century revival of Byzantine learning is usually an injustificable phenomenon, as well as its economic and military precursors have yet to be discovered.

a. a phenomenon yet to be uncovered

b. a phenomenon incompletely explained

c. an inexplicable phenomenon

deb. an unidentifiable phenomenon


The managing can still work with freely nevertheless cannot scold freely. a. cannot scold at will

w. cannot give umbrage

c. cannot consider decisions to scold

g. cannot scold willfully

a few.

Many people mistake familiarity for a ordinario style, and suppose that to publish without seduction is to publish at random velocity.

a. is to write at random

b. is usually to write randomly

c. is always to write quickly

d. is to do speed writing

Direction for questins 6 to fifteen: Fill in the blanks of the following paragraphs using the best suited word or perhaps words by among the alternatives given for every single.


Sports evokes a ___ response in India compared to crickinfo, that practically ___ area. a. tepid... boiling

m. lukewarm... electrifies

c. turbid... fascinating

deb. apocryphal... really fascinates


Social studies, science concerns of health insurance and safety, the very atmosphere with the classroom — these areas are some of the ___ intended for the ___ of right emotional reactions. a. points... growth

m. fertile areas... basis

c. fertile fields... inculcation

d. important areas... formation


When kids become more knowledgeable about words because visual icons, they realize that they can gain meaning without making ___ sounds.

a. aural

n. audible

c. vocal

deb. intelligible


Learning is more efficient when it is ___. It is less useful when it is ___. a. fast... slow

b. rapid... turtle-slow

c. tedious... like a happiness ride

d. fun... slavery


Into a greater or lesser level all the civil countries worldwide are made up of a little class of rulers ___ and of a huge class of subjects ___.

a. produced by a tiny minority... who also are uncivilized

b. powerfully corrupt... pointless crusaders

c. corrupted by too much electrical power... corrupted by simply too much unaggressive obedience g. who will be ruled... who also ruled


Simple math tells us that there is more ___ than ___.

a. imitation... innovation

n. improvisation... improvement

c. impracticality... knowledge

g. improbability... likelihood


As being a step toward protesting against the spiralling prices, the maqui berry farmers have decided to stage a picket in order to ___.

a. show all their virility

m. make themselves heard

c. curb the costs

d. bump the government


Science is a sort of reports agency similar ___ to other news agencies. a. principally

b. in principle

c. in principal

deb. in soul and contact form


Many political market leaders acquire their very own position by simply causing a lot of people to believe that these leaders are ___ by eleemosynary desires.

a. actuated

m. convinced

c. categorised

deb. led


Everyone is going to admit that swindling your fellow beings is a required practice; upon it is structured the really appear commercial achievement formula — ___.

a. sell the things you cannot buy back

b. acquire what you will sell off to another by a higher price

c. buy affordable and sell special

d. promote what you may, do not obtain a competitor

Direction intended for questions of sixteen to 20:...