Acid Rain

 Acid Rain Essay

Acid Rainwater and the Effects of our Monuments and Churches

Both the controlled experiments that I decided to do, tend not to involve trees or vegetation, which I think a lot of people will be doing. I desired to explore the devastation that acid rain really does to our historic monuments and beautiful chapels. My initial controlled test is based on the Statue of Liberty. It can be made of copper mineral so I i am using money in my experiment. (nps. gov. n. m. ) My own observation is that acid rain corrodes precious metals. My issue: does chemical p rain rust metal? My hypothesis is definitely the obvious, certainly metal buildings are at risk to being rusty because of acidity rain. That is also my personal prediction. The experiment will take place over a 30 days period. Let me take two pennies (minted before 1983) and place each one in their own glass. (U. S. Epa. n. g. ) I will then place ½ glass of water with a pH level of 4. 5 in one glass and a ½ cup of water using a pH level of 5. 6th in the additional glass. Following the one month period, I will take note the differences between two pennies and see whether the dime in the acid water is more corroded then this penny in " normal” water. Which will be my consequence. For my next handled experiment, I had beautiful cathedrals in mind. My personal question is usually: does acid solution rain destruction stained a glass? My speculation is that acid rain does damage discolored glass. My own Prediction will probably be that a brown crust area will kind on the stained glass that is sprayed with acidic water. (ideaconnection in. d. ) My research will take place more than a year period. I will have two pieces of stained a glass and squirt each one particular three times a day. One will probably be sprayed with water with a pH degree of 4. five and the additional stained a glass will be dispersed with water with a pH level of 5. 6. Following the one year period, I will notice the differences between two stained glass pieces. This will determine if the stained glass dispersed with acid water is far more damaged then the stained goblet...

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