Synthesis of your Alkene

 Essay on Synthesis of the Alkene

Experiment 23: Synthesis of the Alkene

April five, 2013


Effects and Discussion

The fat of our n-Butyl Bromide test (actual yield) was zero. 09g. The percent produce was identified to be 5. 38%. Simply 0. 09g of the assumptive 2 . 055g yield was obtained. The boiling level was 104В° C, which can be higher than the literature worth of 101В° C. This is due to the sample getting somewhat contaminated, as harmful particles tend to increase boiling stage. When IRGI spectroscopy was performed, there was no OH YEA stretches, meaning that the OH- was substituted successfully by the Br-, as well as the water was separated out. The fat of our t-Pentyl Chloride sample was 0. 20g. The percent deliver was computed to be 5. 17%. The theoretical yield is zero. 959g. The boiling point of the sample was determined to be 88В° C, which can be higher than the literature benefit of 86В° C. Again, impurities will be the reason for this, as they can increase boiling point. There are no OH stretches around the IR spectroscopy, meaning that that there was not any alcohol or water inside the sample.


In this test, extraction and distillation methods were accustomed to synthesize pure samples of n-Butyl Bromide and t-Pentyl Chloride. Our percent yield was low to get both of the samples. I think that too most of the drying agent (granular NaSO4) was used, hence causing a decreased yield. Although there was a low percent produce, and the examples were to some degree impure (based on boiling points), it can be evident in the IR spectroscopy of equally samples which the formation from the alkyl halides was successful, and the water was successfully removed from all the samples. This is correct because of the lack of any type of ALSO stretch.