Aggravated Sodomy Synopsis

 Aggravated Sodomy Summary Dissertation

David Harrison


Ignorance is not a Defense

Irritated Sodomy Synopsis


1) Ignorance is no Defense pp. 30-31

2) Holy Bible: Genesis 18-19

The definition of sodomy described by yahoo. com is intercourse via anal or oral, dedicated by a man or woman. My definition of it is sexual activity that is not considered as the natural course of sexual get in touch with, and/or intercourse. Aggravated sodomy is a offense in any state, but in Georgia this criminal offenses, even as a minor can get you more than 20 years in penitentiary without leitspruch as the minimum, and is sentenced into a maximum of lifestyle in jail. In Genesis 18-19, this clearly says that in the city of Sodom and Gomorrah there was plenty of crimes going, not only was there homosexuality raving through the entire city, yet there was irritated assault, homicide, robberies which has a firearm, irritated sodomy, and even more to the level where this went past the aggravated point. These criminal offenses could get you 25 to life, maybe a lot more, in the present day, yet back then everyone would have extremely long sentences. God chose to destroy this city, but Abraham wished God to spare the city if this individual could find in least 12 righteous men in the town. Lot was at this metropolis along with his wife, daughters, and sons-in-law. In Genesis 19: 1-12, that states that Lot housed two angels that night, along with Lot baked bread to allow them to eat, a lot of wicked men (they would be known as homosexuals, today) found Lot's door and stated, " Wherever are the guys who arrived at you tonite? Bring them to us, intended for we may understand them. ” Lot tried to persuade these people in taking one of his daughters instead, but males didn't accept, instead they will replied, " Stand back! ” Then they said, " This one came in to stay right here, and he keeps operating as a judge; now we all will package worse with you than with all of them. ” This was just one sort of some of the wicked things that have been going on in Sodom, Great deal was drawn into his house at the moment and the angels said, " Have you other people here?...