America: the Multinational World

 America: the Multinational World Essay

America: The International Society

In " America: The International Society”, Ishmael Reed (209) states that American culture is like " bouillabaisse”, includes different layers of lifestyle backgrounds all over the world.

He starts off the dissertation with an example of a Chinese woman consuming a lasagna in front of a Ty Thuan Duc's Thai grocery store (207) from Nyc Times. This kind of example provides readers a vivid picture of their everyday routine. People from different events, speaking different languages moving into the United States and settling straight down. And yet, the cause New York Times adds up the credibility, convincing the readers that the writer didn't make up the tale himself.

Reed relates to his personal experience about a poet describing a city which has mosques created by Islamic people and meanwhile forty thousands of Mexican people living there (208). Turns out, this kind of city is definitely Detroit. This kind of answer beyond the readers' expectation but is not ironic by any means, it shows that Many multinational attribute is not just uncovered in big cities like New York and Los Angelas, it is a countrywide characteristic. Despite the example of Of detroit, Reed as well talks about his experience of visiting Texas wherever Spanish is starting to become the second recognized language, a " white” professor whom engages him self in fraction culture, and pictures of Africa and Afro-American mythological symbols hanging from your McDonald's restaurant (208). These kinds of real life cases get the readers' attention and recognition.

Reed argues that it can be not sensible that several scholars acknowledge American traditions as Western civilization because the fraction cultures such as Asian lifestyle and African culture could have played significant roles in enlightening European art (209). His discussion rose for an intellectual level and examined the cause and effect of the art record revolution,...