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п»їLucely Hernandez Ruvalcaba

English 100


Sept. 2010 10, 13

Obstacles of Communication

Connection is an extremely essential aspect in our every day lives, however it's also some thing we often ignore because is actually something we've been exposed to could birth. Most of us have never experienced the bad luck to be in a completely different nation with not just a different culture, but different language, being forced to rely on someone to express what you're genuinely thinking or feeling. At the young age of 10, continue to so naïve coming to live in the United States were the best option that my family and i also would ever possibly possess. My ignorance and purity never had taken into consideration the obstacles I was about to confront, and most significantly having to conquer the element of not comprehending English. Due to the financial factor of living in Mexico and having my father so far away from my children and my mother being unable to support several children your woman made the decision to move back to the states. The lady along with my two brothers and I chose to depart from our home in Mexico to once again proceed to Petaluma, the location in which my brother and i also were delivered. I was restless to see my new house, to make new friends at school, but most importantly meet my fathers' side from the family. And so the journey started out, I entered the border by car. The edge patrol asked to see evidence of citizenship, then asked me, " How are you? ” I sat there quiet, not understanding what he had just said to myself. Being so naïve did not it spring to mind that I involved to begin a complete new journey, with many issues heading my personal direction. I was standing in a place with people speaking an unfamiliar vocabulary. I plainly remember my personal first time of school, I had been innocent certainly not thinking that anyone would be not capable of understanding myself, I simply spoke The spanish language. I wandered into my personal 4th quality classroom with Mr. Fischera with around twenty-eight college students and amongst 28 was my...