Application Letter Sample

 Essay about Application Notice Sample

The spring 18, 2008

Veronica A.

Samplestreet 53

65426 The netherlands am Main


Mr. XY

Page Workers Ltd.

28 Castellaine Road

Peterborough, Cambridgeshire


Dear Mister. XY,

I am graduating in June 2010 with a bachelors degree in operation administration and wish to apply for the job of the workers manager's assistant at Webpage Personnel Ltd. I took notice of your vacancy with an advertisement in the current edition from the London Times, and I could now prefer to introduce me to you.

Within my concentrated analyze at the Euro Institute Fresenius I acquired not only the widespread experienced knowledge of business administration, but in addition many apparent soft skills as communication/ conflict schooling, presentation and rhetoric. Furthermore I was a very flexible and accountable person, who can efficiently focus on a crew as well as managing problems by myself. Self-discipline and ambition in conjunction with motivation will be my motto and most important factor. I would gladly provide my linguistic familiarity with English, A language like german, French, Japan and The spanish language to you, that i use to boost constantly. Before I performed part-time in a sales business where My spouse and i practiced to get in contact with people for two years and now take this ability on to the upcoming. I can say that I owe my reliability and my resilience to this experience.

I would meet to meet you and discuss my personal qualifications to work at Site Personnel Limited. Also I really believe my examine has offered me the best skills to offer a valuable contribution to the success of your organization. I remain looking forward to listen to you soon.


Veronica A.