Araling Panlipunan

 Araling Panlipunan Essay

1 . How does the Holy bible view the family members?

Just like how God made people in the own image and likeness, He as well wants us to have a family members that is like the holy family members. The holy book says that each member of the family contains a role. The daddy, as your head of the friends and family, should stand strong for his relatives. The mother on the other hand, will act as the guideline. Not only offers God asked them to copy the ay family to provide proper parentage, but He has also placed big obligations upon their particular shoulders. The children's part is to do their best to respect all their parents for this is stated in the fourth chef to " Honor thy father and thy mother”.

2 . Provide 5 instances of factors that attack the family. Clarify.

a. Variation of religion – Parents in the children may well have different made use of and this may possibly affect their particular faith and their worshipping. They are going to have a problem raising their children in one belief. m. Cultural variations – The traditions may possibly affect the family because a single person might be carrying out something away of traditions that is not correct for the other's tradition. c. Lack of stability of marital life – The instability with the marriage of parents can affect the family greatly, because out of this, the relatives might result to becoming a damaged family. d. Domestic abuse – Mistreating a member in the family may cause them to possess strained family relationship. It can be hard to trust the other person after the maltreatment, and trust is very important mainly because it's one of the foundations of any strong relationship. e. Infidelity – Parents fight above little issues, but infidelity is a several story. This might cause not only problems within the family yet outside things may also be influenced, like the studies of the kids and the emotional, mental and physical wellness of each member of the family.

3. Precisely what is the stand of the church against RH Bill?

The church is usually against the RH Bill since they find it as a great anti-life expenses. They believe that overpopulation, that the government says is the...