Being a Girl

 Being a Girl Essay

Being a Woman


1 . Introduction

2 . " The Hymn to Demeter” as opposed to " Odyssey

3. Homeric representation of gender jobs

4. Realization


Homer is a famous and mystical figure in the ancient books who produced a significant contribution in the development of literature all times. His personality and lifestyle is the subject for many discussions seeing that some professionnals consider that he would not live by any means but in spite of these disputes the importance of works, that are known as functions by Homer, can be not less significant. Homeric works will be characterized by description of ancient Greek traditions, beliefs, stereotypes. At this respect the attitude to women and their job in the world seem to be really interesting to analyze inside the context of his works, such as " The Hymn to Demeter” and " The Odyssey”. These two performs represent a gradual development on the part of women in society that is to be discussed with regards to this daily news. " The Hymn to Demeter” as opposed to " Odyssey”

On contrasting two functions by Homer, " The Hymn to Demeter” and " The Odyssey”, it should be declared they represent the move of opinions from initially matriarchal applicable to the fresh patriarchic sights where the part of women turns into more trustworthy on men. Nonetheless, there could be found a lot of common features that will make both works similar. In fact " The Hymn to Demeter” describes women to some extent dominating and controlling persons. obviously with this work the traces of the matriarchal epoch are very strong because the Goddesses, namely Demeter, are so influential that even Zeus, the top of the Ancient greek language pantheon feels a kind of tension from her part. She's so important that " she would possess destroyed whole race of men and would have miserable Olympians of splendid exclusive chance of gifts and sacrifices” (The Hymn to Demeter). The reason is that in which epoch ladies Goddesses and also women at large were traditionally associated with virility consequently in such a context Demeter's...