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Group Members/Contact Details



Time zone and

Availability Throughout the Week


Lisa Ann Ratkowski

201-486-3546 cell

201-288-4336 home

EST available 8am-12pm then following 8pm

You should feel free to text message me. My spouse and i currently operate from 12-8pm so I might not exactly answer till after in that case

[email protected] com

Craig Kaden

(201) 757 0232

NJ EST, Mon-Sat; open up (day or perhaps night)

[email protected] com

Jeffery Smith

(587)228 3669

Hill. Text or email anytime

Jeffery. [email protected] yokogawa. com

Jason Lobberecht


PST available Sunday, Monday, and Thursday following 12pm

Tues and Friday after 2 pm

Friday- Saturday all day

[email protected] edu (Secondary)

[email protected] com (preferred)

Kristen Bradley


RESTE available any day after six: 00 pm hours

[email protected] com

Cherisse Meters Holt


Central offered M-F 6PM-11PM Sat-Sun 10am-5pm 7pm-11pm

Cherisse. [email protected] com or [email protected] com Weekly Team Leaders: This person will be responsible for managing and submitting the assignment for they. This as well allows the best choice to setup the assignment signups ahead of time in order that those individuals who want to get a head start can. Jason: I think they lead must also write the intro and a conclusion for publishing assignments as they or the girl with compiling the assignment and definitely will need to have a newbie and end that connections the whole daily news together Kristen: I will have whichever week the team requirements and I go along with Jason in relation to Weekly Crew Leaders. My personal strengths will be organization and formatting Week 2: Craig Kaden

Week 3: Jeffery Smith

Week 4: Jason Lobberecht

Week 5: Cherisse M Holt

Week six: Lisa Ann Ratkowski & Kristen Bradley

Team Ground Rules and Guidelines

Lisa: Affiliates will be respectful of one one more, actively engage in team discussion board discussions, and complete assigned jobs. Everyone needs to have his or her assigned sections made by the date that the staff agrees to so that we might have enough moment for proofreading. Can one suggest that we agree to have all papers accomplished and ready for submission by simply Noon MST Sunday? This enables everyone to target last minute efforts on quizzes and person assignments. If the team member features problems or perhaps concerns, they will contact they through the online community ASAP so we can support each other. The team has agreed to a Conference Call Thursday Night 9pm EST to come up with ideas all can attend if possible.

Craig – Work in a cohesive style as each team member contributes efforts to the required projects, respects every other's advantages, and will take accountability to get specific staff tasked tasks. Jeffery – Each part of the team will positively contribute and provide on time engagement. Also each team member is liable for proofing and running all their piece of the paper throughout the checker prior to submitting that to the crew for the insertion into the team operate. Jason: Every team member will certainly submit his / her section through writepoint and plagiarism checker. Each team member will fill in a corrected writepoint along with a turnitin report by plagiarism band. Each team member will provide APA formatted research and citations with his or perhaps her section. Sections will be returned to student in the event that corrections are certainly not made or references are not correct pertaining to necessary improvements. Cherisse- Certainly that each part of the team will contribute and participation. I likewise agree that most team members can submit their work to the writepoint and plagiarism checker. Also if perhaps any part of the team has a problem with a deadline they are to let the additional team members find out right away.

Targets for Period Management and Involvement

Mack: Team members should check the team forum regularly for any job updates or modifications. If the team member is waiting for insight from an additional team member and the member is definitely not...