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Case Brief a couple of: Harley Stanfield

October twentieth, 2010 " Pledged”

Jennifer Kelley

Despite the subprime mortgage problems, Harvey Stanfield is one of the speediest growing investment and trust companies in the U. S i9000. Harley Stanfield (heretofore termed as HS) is indeed a estate investment and trust (REIT) provider founded by Cedric Franklin and Gail Garnette in 2003, based in Wa, D. C. On average, that they generate $25million-$49million in annual revenue. They may have placed in the top 5 of Inc. Magazine's annual list of fastest growing companies as 2005. HS has investment properties in collegiate towns which includes Washington M. C., Ithaca, Detroit, Columbus, Athens, Austin tx, Reno, Iowa City, To the south Bend, and Sacramento. The business focuses on secure investment by instituting strict standards, build up, and program processes. That they specialize in green building with particular expertise in sustainable retrofitting of older properties to cash in on the larger appreciation value. All green properties owned or operated by HS qualify as LEED silver at a minimum. [ (Harley Stanfield, Incorporation., 2005-2010) ] The first cause of their accomplishment is that they execute their loaning functions which has a keen impression of company responsibility. Almost all applications require a deposit prior to processing. Candidates are required to possess a minimum credit rating of seven hundred and all purchases require a 25% deposit before financing. These practices enable HS to issue a 30-day ROI guarantee copied by the guarantee of absorbing the initially mortgage payment in the instance of not protecting tenants for the property within just that time. These kinds of measures have helped HS weather the economic climate and foster a relationship of trust and security with the clients, which will engenders do it again investments. [ (Siriwardane, 2009) ] [ (Harley Stanfield, Inc., 2005-2010) ] Franklin and Garnette embrace the concept of corporate entrepreneurship. Under the way of Cedric Franklin, HS is...

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