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January 16, 2015

University of Pheonix

Case Study Critique

In the case study with the Jackson Home the case staff were not mindful of the conditions of the home because for one thing the lighting were turned off. The parents could have hid the youngsters that were not really feed so that the case member of staff did not find them. I think that if you need to check a home for five months and there is no meals in the refrigerator and the signals have been switched off then you will discover something wrong with those parents and that is irresponsible. If that happened then this caseworker genuinely didn't value the children i believe. In this case I really believe that the 9 members in the Division of Youngsters and Relatives Services should have been fired because it is preposterous that nothing was done in ten years to aid these boys. These males were famished to fatality and as a parent it makes me sick to my stomach that no one cared. If these individuals were checking out the home right all those children would have recently been taken in years past because of child abuse. In this instance justice was served as the mother was put in prison for several years plus the boys acquired 12. five million dollars' worth of acquis. If this was me personally sentanceing the mother We would have set her in prision for any life phrase and made her pay. The judge do the right point but he could have been much less lenient of her word. The situation could have been prevented by caseworkers basically doing generally there job instead of doing nothing at all. The neighbors who know the situation could have called law enforcement before it probably is a problem. In the event the police could have done the of the house since they have the authority to check on a promote home anytime something dosent feel correct.


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