Chinese Somatic Science: Just how Is Ki-Energy (Chi-Energy) Recognized in Somatic Science?

 Chinese Somatic Science: Just how Is Ki-Energy Chi-Energy Recognized in Somatic Science? Dissertation

Chinese Somatic Science: Just how Is Ki-Energy (Chi-Energy) Realized in Somatic Science? Dr . Yasuo Yuasa, translated simply by Dr . Shigenori Nagatomo

April, 2003

In 1984 when the Japan-France symposium was held, scholars of religion, medicine and mindset were collected from both sides, and they engaged in discussion in order to promote the movement of recent Age Technology. I included a suggestion, produced from the Japanese area, presentations upon Traditional Traditional chinese medicine (TCM), Parapsychology, Eastern martial arts and their demonstrations. In the fighting methods demonstration there is included the performance of the technique in which a master martial artist, simply by emitting ki-energy (chi-energy), makes opponents, who are spatially distanced from charlie, fall down. This method is called " distant hitting” [to-ate: 遠当て], and it became a conversation part, attracting householder's attention. Because of this, many q(g(ng (Chi-gong) professionals came to visit me. We studied their techniques, and experienced ki-energy as a subject matter of their q(g(ng techniques. Later on, I visited China to learn about its actual situation. When i was staying in Beijing in 1997, the Chinese Contemporary society for Somatic Science (CSSS) was established. The leaders with this society came to see myself with a obtain to make efforts to propagate q(g(ng in Japan. In the following season, I invited scholars and q(g(ng masters from China and held a symposium " Ki (Chi) and Individual Science” in Tokyo.[i] Around this time, a q(g(ng boom was being generated. After this seminar, I went to China often to investigate and study q(g(ng. I will expose its fundamental ideas, whilst incorporating my very own opinion.

Chinese language Somatic Research focuses on three fields of traditional Traditional chinese medicine, q(g(ng and special capabilities as its main objects of research. " Special abilities” refer to what parapsychology phone calls psi-ability (paranormal ability). A central focus in each of these fields is usually ki-energy since the object of research. Classic Chinese Medicine recognizes the fundamentals from the human human body's organization by means of the network of meridians. Meridians will be channels of energy which flows in the room of the body. However , they are an invisible system which may not be discovered by dissecting a corpse. Quite simply, they are a process unique for the body that is certainly active although it is alive. I am taking this to mean, for now, just like a system that organizes the subject-body (i. e. the lived body) of which Merleau-Ponty speaks. An essential point, in the next seen from a assumptive point-of-view, is that the meridians really are a system which will does not go along with the mind-body dichotomization set up since Descartes. That is to say, ki-energy is conceptualized to be a life-energy which has both physical and psychological qualities. The fundamental principle of hook therapy found in traditional Chinese medicine lies in initiating the flow of ki-energy within the body by infusing fresh ki-energy into the body of a human, while eliminating the still and inferior flow of ki-energy.

Up coming is q(g(ng. Q(g(ng instructs us that the activity of ki-energy can be improved through a repeated training. As a result, we can realize that q(g(ng, in theory speaking, contains a characteristic commensurate with the learning martial arts. It is just a bodily strategy with a tradition stretching coming from ancient instances. In the case of medical therapy, a mature q(g(ng doctor guides people to train themselves and practice q(g(ng by themselves. Here we can discern a technique different from the therapeutic way of modern medical science. While modern medical therapy leaves patients to assume a passive viewpoint of just receiving physician's treatment, q(g(ng lets them assume the standpoint to train themselves. The idea of this schooling lies in initiating the natural healing power important in the interior of one's personal body. Ki-energy is regarded as the...