Gadget: Talk with Me Phone Designed by Nicolas Nicolaou

 Gadget: Converse with Me Phone Designed by Nicolas Nicolaou Composition

Gizmo: Speak to myself phone ( STM) created by Nicolas Nicolaou This new gadget is an electronic wrist watch and a mobile phone at the same time. Functions on the both equally touch screen and voice recognition technology plus the phone could possibly be activated or deactivated with the green or red collection given in these devices. It also provides a built in scrolling function that allows the user to move among various functions that is available around the device. It also has a built-in camera which enables you to simply click pictures and also send a similar in real time.

Created by Nicolas Nicolaou, the idea cellphone greatly improves as a digital wrist watch. This kind of phone provides a scroll feature which permits you to navigate through the interface. The inbuilt camera lets you click photos and promote them at the same time. The phone provides a touchscreen intended for navigation plus it recognizes tone of voice commands. The power status of phone could be changed by simply checking the Red or Green line contacting companies. This is the lates gadget in the mobile phone industry, as it simultaneously works as an electronic watch and cell phone. Very low built in rolling function, integrated camera, touchscreen display and works perfectly after a voice recognition technology. You can easily approach between features on it, have pictures and feel like James Bond on a secret mission. Asides being extremely functional, you can wear it like a bracelet or perhaps watch in your wrist, plus you can easily switch on or off of the phone function by simply touching the green or perhaps red lumination depict in it. The idea of discussing with my wrist always engaged me, certainly not because me wrist discussions back to me personally but mainly because in the movies spyware and adware always apparently revolve around the wrist. This new gadget would allow you to satisfy that dream and cause you to be feel as critical as a criminal. The Talk to Me Band Cell phone oscillates between operating as a cellphone and a wristwatch. The flip design of the STM mobile phone also allows it to get worn like a bracelet about your wrist. The phone contains a touch...