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Salivary Glands

In chickens, the salivary glands are all from the mucous type. They are found in the roof and floor with the oral cavity, in the tongue in addition to the goitre. Taste Buds

They are present though diffused. They may be associated for the salivary human gland ducts at the base from the tongue along with the cou. Oesophagus

It is padded by a thick and non-keratinized stratified squamous epithelium. The exterior muscle coating is formed simply by smooth muscle along the complete esophagus. Mucous glands result from the traza propria. Harvest

This can be a caudal diverticulum located by approximately two thirds down the oesophagus. The composition of the plant is the same to the remaining oesophagus, nonetheless it does not contain mucous glands. Stomach

The stomach in chickens includes a glandular pro-ventricle and a muscular ventricle (gizzard). Pro-Ventricle

The mucosa of the pro-ventricle has folds (Plicae). The depressions between plicae are sulci. The epithelium is simple and columnar, except at the base of the sulci wherever it is cuboidal. The wall structure of the pro-ventricle consists of large compound tubular cells. The secreting cellular material, which are low cuboidal to columnar cells, produce pepsinogen as well as hydrochloric acid, so combine the function in the main cellular material and the parietal cells of mammals. Each gland starts into the digestive, gastrointestinal lumen through a conic papilla. Ventricle (Gizzard)

• The ventricle is a highly buff grinding body organ. It is lined by a great epithelium that invaginates in the lamina propria, forming elongated holes of which each offers terminal tube gastric glands. The cells of these second option glands develop a thick corneous material equal to keratin.

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The intestinal tract of hens is structurally similar through its span. It includes a duodenum, a jejunum, an ileum and a large gut. A pair of extended and dead-ended ceca brings together the gut at the verse between the ileum and large is going to. The...