Mind and Teddy Bear

 Eccentricity and Teddy Bear Composition

1. I use the term " weirdo" to labeled a person to be unusual or not normal.

2 . The " fundamental distinction" Iyer is usually comparing is that eccentric doesn't want anything to do with society. He only cares for himself. The weirdo complete world frequently seeks to get back into society. He would like to be known in society.

3. I do believe television starts would be the most high rated weirdo habit because not every celebrities happen to be eccentric. For the unusual behavior i believe athletes could be the most eccentric because a lots of athletes an excellent and don't genuinely care about society but treatment more of their sport.

4. Iyer's illustration of " a man using a teddy bear in his hand and a man using a gun" presents the difference among eccentric and weirdo. Odd carries a distinguished Latin reputation that refers to anything that is definitely neutral or perhaps positive. This lead to show what sort of teddy bear is good. Weirdo features its mongrel origins in the Old The english language wyrd that means fate or perhaps destiny. Therefore , the man possessing a gun in his hand represents darkness.

a few. I think Iyer's illustration may be more familiar to his readers are eccentrics because teenagers generally want to have on their about rules and expectations.

6. Iyer's definitions of eccentric and weirdo differentiate the words simply by explaining that eccentric is far more on the non-harmful side. The weirdo however is around the dangerous area.

7. Iyer illustrates that the British peer threw over his Cambridge fellowship as a way the are in a bath to become so hardcore a safe bet of drinking water that having been willing to give anyone silver precious metal coins to anyone who would drink his favorite drink. The weirdo is all together more mystical that leaves no expression in communities mirror.

eight. Iyer uses examples Lee foundation Lewis, Whilst gary Gilmore and Bernard Goetz.

9. Iyer uses the comparison among geniuses and psychopaths to exhibit that both are out of the ordinary. In case the successful are often strange, then simply being peculiar is a way of becoming...