Power Control Theory

 Power Control Theory Study Paper

Power-Control Theory

Tiondra Lee

Kaplan College


Through this paper I will describe my family environment depending on Hagan's Power- Control Theory, I will make clear paternalistic and egalitarian households and which usually behavior my family is troubled by.

When comparing Hagan's Power-Control Theory an individual magic about their environment and how that affects right now there family. Hagan created a essential feminist version that utilized gender differences to explain the onset of criminology (Siegel, Criminology: The Main, Fourth Edition, 2011). His view described crime and delinquency costs with two factors school position the ability and friends and family functions the control (Siegel, Criminology: The Core, Fourth Edition, 2011). My family environment is almost different from most. In my household I would personally say each of our class position is a mixture between below and middle section class. The breadwinner within my house is definitely my mom meaning Now i am in a single-parent household. I actually come from a really strong relatives oriented surrounding and my own values and belief has carried on from when I was a child to now. Despite the fact that I'm within a parent household family members were always there to aid if support was necessary. I was blessed with the extravagance of my own mother and father featuring me with everything I actually ever needed whether they had been together or not. They have always backed my decisions whether right or wrong. I believe that even though I had been in a single-parent household my personal mother gave plenty of rules and responsibilities to follow. We never steered into deviant or violent behavior I usually had but still have take pleasure in and support from my loved ones no matter what.

Paternalistic families would be the families in which a father requires the traditional position being the breadwinner (Siegel, Criminology: The Core, Next Edition, 2011). The mom on the other hand is still home will not the household...

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