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Explain how come you agree or disagree with the decision in your chosen Electronic Arrange Reading.

The digital reserve examining that I examine was the a single about the judge waiting Michigan's drug testing program for well being applicants. Certainly the decision in making people that are applying for welfare consider and pass a drug test. The key reason why I agree with this decision is because many people that are getting welfare benefits stop trying to complete better when they start obtaining the benefits. I feel like that they get cozy and start just depending on well being. A lot of these people probably are doing some kind of medication and cannot pass a drug test so they cannot even try to go out and search for a task. I browse around and most from the people that will be receiving welfare benefits are between the age groups of 20 - 30, these are teenagers and most of which smoke pot. So they feel like they don't need a task because they are previously taken care of. If they complete the bill to get started on drug testing then I want to will drive these people to avoid smoking or perhaps doing no matter what kind of medicine they are doing and get out presently there and look for employment. For those that do not pass they medicine test drop the amount that they are receiving and make they go to a therapy center, when they have managed to graduate make they take a medication test occasionally and if that they pass all of them then raise there rewards. For those that refuse the drug test cut there are many benefits all together. I believe like this will save the state some funds because the will not be paying out a whole lot in well being benefits.