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As you may embark on the journey of expanding your company into a fresh state, there are numerous employment laws you must keep in mind. Most of the laws you may be knowledgeable about as they are federal and apply to your home point out of The state of michigan. I will also introduce virtually any laws which can be specific to the state of Arizona. Let me assist you in getting yourself ready for your move as well making sure you have the equipment necessary to continue to be fully up to date on the federal and state level. Federal government Laws

American's with Problems Act of 1990 prohibits an employer from discriminating based upon disability. In line with the EEOC (2008), in order to remain compliant, " an employer need to provide fair accommodations to do the essential tasks of the work as long as that create a great undue hardship on the employer” (para 3). It is the responsibility of the employer to show undue hardship (Smith & Harris, 2012). You must have documents to present to the EEOC to prove your case. If you are found non-compliant, you can receive fines as high as $55, 000 for the first occurrence and $110, 000 for succeeding violations (Weiss, 2009). The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 was established to safeguard an employees' job in the instance of the birth or usage of a child or being forced to care for an ill member of the family (Employment Legislation Guide, 2009). This provides a staff with 12 weeks of unpaid keep. To remain compliant, an employer need to allow the keep and specify which disette are protected under FMLA. An employer will be able to request documentation to support the requested leave from the staff (Cascio, 2013). If noncompliant, an employer might be liable to pay out damages for the employee corresponding to the amount of wages up to doze weeks (Frazier, 2013). Name VII prohibits discrimination based upon race, color, religion, sexual intercourse or national origin (Cascio, 2013). Cascio (2013) stated " Title VII is the central federal EEO law because it contains the largest coverage, prohibitions, and remedies” (p. 83). Title VII also helps to protect the employee type retaliation for exercising their rights (Johnson-Massie, 2013). The way to remain compliant is to foundation all your employing practices and promotions around skill set and accomplishments and terminations needs to be for just cause. You must also post up a notice detailing Title VII. If non-compliant, the EEOC can bring civil action against the company and can charge a fine of $100 because of not posting the notice (Snow, 2013). The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 states that an employer may not hire an illegal aliens and also have a duty to verify the id and function authorization of each and every new hire. The way to continue to be compliant is usually make sure each new work with has an I-9 form on file with copies from the identification and authorization to work in america. Employers are to confirm the files that are provided and signal the I-9 along with the employee. The fees for non-compliance is budgetary in character and amounts from hundred buck to $1, 100 for every single employee whose identity is actually not verified (Cascio, 2013). Equivalent Pay Work of 1963 was followed to eliminate unjust pay techniques. Cascio (2013) states that " the Equal Shell out Act needs that men and women and ladies working for the same establishment be paid the same rate of pay for work that is considerably equal in skill, effort, responsibility, and working circumstances (p. 82). In order to stay compliant a company must ensure that pay scales are equal among the people and depending on skill. This will be especially important as you retain the services of laborers which can be traditionally guy. If identified noncompliant, a company will be needed to raise the income of...

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