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Leslie Miledge-Murphy

Feb . 25, 2013

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Strahan Coliseum

Have you ever been to the address of 700 Aquarena Springtime Drive in San Marcos Texas? If you have you probably already been through it to support the fellow sportsmen of Tx State University or college or gone to a live show that occured at this particular place, but since you have certainly not been to in this article, you will quickly. The treat of seven-hundred Aquarena Planting season Drive in San Marcos Texas may be the address where Texas Stat e's University or college Strahan Coliseum stands.

The Strahan Coliseum can be described as part of Tx State's Grounds which is located on the East Part of the grounds. It is a center that is mainly used for possessing Texas State's University collegiate sports occasions. It is the residence court from the Men's and Women's hockey team as well as the women's volleyball team. It has seven 1000 two hundred car seats that encircle the hard wooden gym ground. This stadium is where students like me go to see the games and go show my Bobcat spirit. Although Strahan Coliseum was not always there and while I used to be at a basketball video game I considered why Strahan was developed, when it was built and was that named after somebody and if it absolutely was who was this person. So I proceeded the internet and located some interesting stuff about Strahan and. So first Strahan pennyless grounds in November 1979 and this opened 36 months later on March 1982. But what got my own attention had been who it was named after of and the tale of him. Strahan Coliseum was called and privileged after a person named Oscar W. Strahan. Oscar T. Strahan or perhaps should I declare coach Strahan, graduated via Drake School in 1915. While like a student generally there he majored in Education and this individual played golf ball, football and track. After graduating from Drake University this individual became a coach to get the Clinton and Perry school area in Grand rapids. He mixed dough from the yr of 1916 to 1917 and this was the start of his trademark that he was out to collection. So after coaching for approximately a year inside the Iowa areas, he reached Texas Express University in the year...