Situations which triggered the French Republic

 Events which will led to french Republic Dissertation

Events which will led to french Republic

Homework 14/03/2013

French Revolution got great implications and resulted in France to become Republic in 1792. But what are the main events which influenced french people. The majority of French people didn't query the way their society was organised but during the XVIII century, also known as the Enlightenment, a group of writers, journalists and scientists called the " Philosophes” shared a way of pondering which they referred to as reason. They will believed the fact that only way to t now in the event something was true was going to observe and test it. Three of the most essential writers from the Enlightenment were Rousseau, Montesquieu and Voltaire. They asserted in literature and essays that: The king's electricity should come from the people, not from god. Government must be based on purpose, science and a value for humankind. No group in contemporary society should have privileges; all people ought to be treated just as. France was governed by simply King Paillette XVI who was an absolute monarch. This meant that he may decide for anything and did not have to be given the green light by a parliament. When John married Marie Antoinette, an Austrian Archduchess, they were first popular with the French public but as the years passed, they lost popularity, especially because of Jessica Antoinette. This wasn't only Marie Antoinette who built the noble government unpopular. Many people thought the king got too much power and they thought that king's electricity should range from people, certainly not from god.

The French people were divided into three groups:

The first estate which was the clergy, got about 145 000 persons and had a few privileges. The 2nd estate which was the nobility had between 120 500 and 350 000 people and had many privileges. The third estate, that has been the biggest since it included everyone else, had regarding 27 million people together no liberties. This unfair system revolted the poor after they started to insufficient money. Wealthy people got many benefits and failed to have to pay income taxes but...