Phrase and Clause

 Phrase and Clause Composition


A Phrase is known as a group of related words it does not include a subject and predicate.

There are several sort of phrases:

Noun Phrase

A noun term is a band of words having a noun as the headword. A lot of noun key phrases begin with a great infinitive (to go) or maybe a gerund (going). Example:

The young man plonked the old dog a bone.

Adjective Term

An appositive phrase is known as a phrase with an appositive as its mind. An qualificative phrase modifies a noun. Occasionally following a noun Example:

The girl with firm hair is my sibling.

Adverb Key phrase

An form word phrase is a group of words which functions like an adverb. An form word phrase modifies a action-word, adjective, or adverb. It truly is used to inform when, where, how, or to what degree about the phrase it changes. Examples:

Megan put her bird in the cage.

We are expecting him to come next year.

Action-word Phrase

A verb key phrase is a selection of words with verb since headword

Case in point:

He may end up being folowing all of us.

Preposition Term

A prepositional phrase is actually a group of words and phrases that starts with a preposition Example:

Your woman arrived by simply bus.


Clause can be described as group of terms which forms grammatical unit and which contains a topic and limited verb.

There are two kind of clauses: Impartial Clause and Dependent Clause

Independent clause is known as a clause that can stand alone being a sentence. Often known as Simple Word. Contains a subject and predicate Examples: I like penguinsI drive a bus Dependent offer is a clause that dislike alone as being a sentence. Centered clause should be accompanied with an independent clause.

You will find three types of based mostly clauses:

Adjective Term

Adjective, or perhaps relative, nature modify noun and, produce the relationship crystal clear, follow the noun they modify. Examples: The class, which meets in 9: 00 in the morning, examines the importance and use of sentence structure in our universities. The girl which we attained on holiday can be coming to see us.

Form word Clause