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Formulas Midterm

Cost of Capital

1 . you Basic Formula


The Equity-Beta is a covariance from the stock-return with all the market-return

1 ) 2 Betas Non Purchase Grade (< BBB)

The Equity-Beta could be analyzed as follows:


The Equity-Beta is known as a function in the risk of a firm's possessions (operating risk) and the amount of financial power.


An Asset-Beta (= unlevered Beta) reflects a firm's operating risks with no effects of leveraging.

The Debt-Beta is the covariance of a business debt together with the market.

A relevered Beta is the Equity-Beta of a firm with a new capital structure, actual the old Asset-Beta.

1 . several Betas Expense Grade (> = BBB)



Debt-Beta intended for Investment Quality firms is statistically not really relevant and is dropped.

1 ) 4 Financial/Operating/Market Risk


βasset sama dengan operating risk

Rest of term = economic risk (drops out once debt = 0)

Βdebt = 0 if financial debt carries not any market risk

1 . five Cost of Personal debt

rD = rf + Credit Distributed

1 . 6th Cost of Collateral

CAPM: lso are = rf + βE(rm-rf)

1 . several Cost of Capital (WACC)

• Capital composition components ought to be measured on the market value basis, not a publication value or perhaps historic basis

• Make use of a target capital structure as opposed to the current or perhaps historic capital structure

• T constantly means the incremental tax-rate

• Debt includes long-term debt, loans leases, short-term debt, operating leases applied as long lasting financing, off-balance financing ventures

• In the event cash goes are real, first figure out nominal WACC, then subtract inflation to find the real WACC (or better use transformation formula)

• Use company or divisional capital structure not job

1 . almost eight Divisional WACC

1 . Decide capital composition of department

2 . Discover comparable company (pure play) ( βequity of equivalent

3. βequity of identical: remove associated with capital structure ( βasset of identical

4. Believe βasset of comparable sama dengan best calculate of βasset of department

5. βasset of section: apply divisional capital framework ( βequity of section

6. Decide Cost of Fairness and Debts of department

7. Determine WACC

installment payments on your Terminal Principles

2 . one particular Perpetuity

2 . 2 Growing Perpetuity

2 . 3 Suffering Perpetuity

installment payments on your 4 Income Multiple


In simply looking at the P/E multiple, we can't say for sure what section of the multiple originates from the price cut rate and what component comes from the expansion rate.

installment payments on your 5 Multiple of Revenue or Book Value

2 . 6 Publication Value in Liquidation

Liquidation value

installment payments on your 7 Period Horizon

|CF0 |CF1 |CF2 |CF3 |CF4 |CF5 |CF6 | |[pic] | | |[pic] |

3. Investment Calculation

3. 1 NPV

" normal” NPV, incremental NPV

3. a couple of Payback


Time it will require to pay back initial investment (using undiscounted money flows)


Cash Flows can be full of total nevertheless low at the beginning

No consideration of time benefit

Arbitrary range of cut-off time

3. three or more Discounted Payback


Same procedure although discounted cash flows


Same concerns

3. some Average Accounting Return


ARR sama dengan Average Net gain / Average Investment


No accounting for time values

Irrelavent choice of cut-off date

several. 5 IRR


Get discount rate where NPV is zero (" normal” IRR and incremental IRR)


Zero consideration of scale

May not be calculated when signs swap several time


Pregressive IRR (calculate IRR or perhaps NPV of incremental cash flows of two tasks to compare)

3. 6th Profitability Index


PHOTOVOLTAIC of cash goes after initial investment divided by initial investment

three or more. 7 Decision rule

• Choose the task with the top NPV...