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Religious Belief System A idea system is a method that is an opinion which establishes how we interact with every aspect of away life. Your belief is usually something that is stored deep into your subconscious mind that will either give you the drive you have to succeed or tell you that it is ok to get corrupted. Religion can be described as particular type of belief program, but not almost all belief devices are faith. Telling the difference between faith based from non-religious belief devices can be easy at times, yet can be tough as well. A belief system can cover a variety of situations that may overlap with some beliefs. There can be a belief program that feels you should offer any funds you can free to support the specific entity ad everyone knows that is in common with Christianity that fully features tithing. (Cline, 2006) The beliefs that we have make-up a religious opinion system since I was taught from the scriptures since I will remember. We am from your typical the southern part of Baptist environment. My family could rise every Sunday morning hours and walk to the community church to worship, praise God, and fork over all the money we're able to afford. I actually never really understood why we all gave what little we're able to spare into a church in which everyone appeared to have some far more than my children possessed. I think it was some type of scam since the man preaching to use put on fancy earrings and used fancy garments. I would observe people walking around, screaming unusual phrases and knocking things over in the church. I used to be an ignorant child at the time and watching this type of habit was humorous to me and I would giggle whenever I possibly could. My mother or any various other adult would scold myself for this but it was never told me that that was. I was educated to never problem the scriptures. The holy book is perfect and from The almighty so wondering it was wrong and since I had been a child I had been not meant to say...

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