Android Iphone app for On the net Ticket Booking for Suburban Railways

 Android Application for On the web Ticket Reservation for Suv Railways Composition

Android App to get Online Ticketed

Reservation pertaining to Suburban Railways


One of the primary challenges in the current ticketing facility is " QUEUE” in buying our suv railway seats. In this quickly growing regarding technology all of us still stand in the queue or get with playing cards for the suburban tickets, which is more frustrating sometimes to stand in the for a or if we forget the cards. Wearer's ticket info is kept in a database for security purpose which can be missing in the present suburban program. Also the ticket band is provided with a checker software to search for the customer's ticket with the ticket amount in the databases for examining purposes. ASR ticket can be purchased with just a smart phone program, where you can hold your suburban railway tickets in your smart phone as a QR (Quick Response) code. I actually INTRODUCTION

Waiting for railway ticket in queues is a frustrating process. To be able to overcome that many new systems have been attempted to minimize the situation of suv ticket reservation. Initially a website which launched for on the net buying of seats. But this amazing site was only limited to get long range journey and provided not any facility pertaining to suburban train ticketing program. Then the usage of cards pertaining to ticket reservation become quite famous but it reduced some of the queue it becomes a problem when passengers forget all their card again they have to stand in long for a to buy tickets. Android Suv Railway (ASR) ticketing is mainly to buy the suburban seats which are the many challenging. App can be mounted only about smart phones. The ticket will be in the form of Speedy Response (QR) Code. The checker confirms the QR code with the help of the scanner in his smart phone which contain the database of the whole railway network. 2 OVERVIEW


The existing railway system is human being dependent, time consuming when it comes to ticketed booking procedure there are various applications available in the market offering information about the exploring and prices. But simply no apps range from the ticket reserving process. Arranged tickets on websites have to be saved and branded at the time of exploring. Hence the goal should be to develop an android application in which anyone to publication a window of travel in local train. The main purpose of the software is to ease the process of admission booking by simply avoiding the standing in a queue and book the ticket for the short distance exploring in the locomotives.


Inside our proposed program, there are two parts, one for an individual and other pertaining to the admission checker. The QR railway ticket are available using a google phone The ASR ticketed can be bought with just a smartphone application, where you can carry the suburban railway tickets in your smart phone like a QR (Quick Response) code. This application saves the ticket as QR code. The band scans that code for the approval of the ticketed using his smart phone. This makes the process much easier. Thus the queues for ticket reserving will get decreased, less gentleman power is needed

Over all architecture of the online ticket reservation for provincial railways


The project comprises of an android app which is nothing but front end for achieveing access to entire details of train schedules, ticketed booking method and acceptance of solution. An admin module is provided on the server side to add and manage routes, spots, fares and timings which supplies as a front to manage the database and make convenient entries. The consumer has to join the first time then sign in to have access to the functionalities provided by the application. The modules are as follows: ­ A. Customer authentication:

In this module the logon checks any kind of browser end user id and password. The user easy to access these devices authentication. It gives you the Allow user enter in ticket concern....

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