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2. Marketing costs.

A. Ordering: Ensuring sufficient product volumes are available to prospective purchaser. B. Advertising: Ex: promotion and advertising and marketing cost.

C. Transporting.

M. Storing/housing.

Electronic. Standard and Granding: making sure quality specifications are used for items produced. N. Risk acquiring costs.

G. Financing: to provide loans to your customers to allow them to buy your product. Ex: autos. H. Acquire market information regarding consumer sampled. Trends, colors ect. three or more. Marketing procedure

A. SWOT analysis: a. Strengths vs . weaknesses (internal). b. Chances and hazards (external).

M. Identify the prospective market.

Target audience is a population group the company focuses it's promoting efforts onto sell/market it can product (potential customers). a. Product strategy: It includes the physical item characteristics, product warranties, customer care, trademarks, patents, product exts and new product development. m. Price Approach: Factors to consider contain per-unit expense production, competition prices, marketplace income, prices of complementary products ect. Price skimming: setting top dollar00 for the merchandise so many people can afford it and therefore you sell many units of the item. c. Campaign strategy: how to promote your item to target market (Advertising through TV, radio, internet, social networking, ect. ) Distribution (Place) strategy: tips on how to distribute your product to customers (marketing channels): the way you try to reach tour

a. Monopolistic competition.

Industry characterized by smaller businesses and " local” competition. Everything else the same (same top quality, same prices) which superstore we would choose to go to? We would choose the best one, and so we can have got product/service differentiation. In this industry, there are some income (higher than perfect competition) but reduced than monopoly. A. Promoting research method

1 . Recognize an issue/problem: Ex: fireplace Amazon cellphone coming to industry or Honda minivan...