Hitlers Ideology

 Hitlers Ideology Essay

Analyse Hitler ideology

Having been appointed Chancellor of Indonesia in 1933, Hitler set out to transform Germany into a single party state. One of the main aspects of any dictatorship can be ideology. Hitler published his ideology in " Mein kampf”, which he had written whilst in prison, following Failure from the Beer Corridor Putsch of 1923. Hitler ideology is often considered as his main driving force behind his rule, however in his attempt to rise to power he was willing to adjust and sacrifice his ideology in order to charm to a broader range of people. After protecting his power Hitler can pursue his wider ideological aims; build a " better Germany” through doing so, ultimately seek world domination.

Certainly one of Hitler primary ideological seeks was to set up a " better Germany”. To be able to achieve this the burdening Treaty of Versailles needed to be removed. For that to happened Hitler needed the support with the people. Not only was he a great politician in the sense that he had great charisma, but he appealed to deep-rooted nationalistic feelings in the people and convinced these people that the weak point of the Weimar Republic was the source of Germanys hardship. Hitler wanted to bring together all The german language speaking people in one nation, to do so there is a need intended for territorial development. He was in pursuit of " Lebensraum”, " living space” to get the A language like german nation to expand.

Another main aspect of Hitler ideology was the Racial insurance plan. Hitler idealized what he considered to be the physical excellence; the " Aryan race”. His target was remove homosexuals, hispanics, socialists, disabled and primarily the Jews, to create the perfect race. The Jews had been used because scapegoats intended for Germanys concerns, hence his ideology was essentially motivated by hatred. According to historian Rich Vinen " an Aryan Dutchamn who had enjoyed tranquil neutrality coming from 1914 to 1918 was more ‘German' than a Jew who had fought on the American front intended for four years”. The Aryan ideal focused social policy. For...