How would you solve this challenge using Maslow's motivational theory

 How will you solve this problem using Maslow’s motivational theory Essay

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Week 2: Week 2 -- Class Discussion one particular

Class Discussion

Class Discussion 1 (40 points)

Having the ability to use a plan like PowerPoint to express suggestions with words and phrases and pictures is a wonderful way for various types of scholars to understand information better. В Using images, graphics, animation, and textual content styles also makes the 35mm slides fun. В In your book, there are Basic Project Guidelines which should be regarded as when having a PowerPoint task. These rules are recommended as a basic formatting aid, to assist the presentation programmer in attaining successful market communication. Please address the subsequent as a part of your discussion:

Term 3 Basic Project Rules that you discover useful. What makes these guidelines considered and so essential to any PPT demonstration? Feel free to draw from sources away from text. The three guidelines I select are the ones I use one of the most. I identify the purpose of a project. As to state why am I doing this project. Another guide I use is usually to gather most possible content material. You need to obtain all the information you should make a fantastic presentation. Furthermore, I know what information to use in a display. The information must be in the proper order. Remember Simon, trainees who is fresh to computer work with. Since Claire is also fresh to PowerPoint, precisely what are some rules you can share when incorporating pictures and graphics in to slides in a presentation? Well, Simon you need to make sure your photographs are crystal clear and focused in the correct position for your presentation. Occasionally you can use word art within your presentation to spice up a little. Which in turn three highlights of Microsoft PowerPoint would be most helpful in Simon's experience as being a student and since a worker? В В Sue, you might find that the word artwork to be one particular feature which will be important. You might also try the structure tab. Finally, you may want to utilize the animations case to change just how your slideshow are offered....