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Community and Health Nursing

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Marie Lickliter


The role with the major public health personnel involves assessing instant health demands and identifying the potential risks in the neighborhood. There are several associates who come together to accomplish this prevalent goal. Associates provide epidemiology, environmental, medication services, food delivery, and sanitation providers. The public wellness nurse's role is to assess the immediate community health demands, provides education, and information to prevent secondary conditions like food poisoning. The public health nurse's role in the ruse was as a liaison for any patient in acute stress. She referred to as the search and save team to quickly transport the patient to a operating clinic. She also aided an bronchial asthma patient make use of a nebulizer as the electricity was still out. The nurse likewise orchestrated for medication refills, clean normal water for baby formula, and arranging exchanges. The doctor also took part in preventive care by giving access to clean water, monitoring sanitation/sewage convenience, and preventing food borne illness. You will discover five simple components to the incidental control structure, which can be command, organizing, operations, strategies, and fund administration (Incident Command Structure, 2011). The person who is the liaison among every group is the command. The command personal preserves communication collectively team member to make sure necessary duties are finished. The planning personal would create the areas of severe require and relay that information to strategies to allow one of the most critical areas to be maintained first. The logistics personal help spend volunteers and team members towards the necessary areas of need. Strategies would also help protected materials, like port toilets for sanitation. The financial administration personal would know what funds they were able to spend to different requirements. They would have the ability to assess...

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