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Part 3 3-1: There is no great structure for any kind of organizations or appropriate to single business at diverse stages. That changes via situation to situation. Although Matrix organization structure is appropriate it has down sides like Issue between collection managers and project managers over source allocation, project maintenance is definitely difficult in the event teams have lot of self-reliance and cost increases in the event because of wide range of managers. 3-2: Organizational changing occurs for rapid price because shorter life circuit of assignments and swiftly changing environment. Traditional management is old process will not work in a large number of projects. Methodical planning with strong efficient input can produce crew work. Throughout the transition from a single organization to other it will have problems with associates on going to fresh locations and status improvements. In these situations it is difficult for the project director to bring his team up. 3-3: No even though the projects will vary the work by the individual ought to be predictable and repetitive after that only specific behavior may easily integrated and workflow may be completed with less communication among individuals and functional teams. 3-4: a. Developing, developing and advertising many different but interrelated technological companies materials Useful Organization n. Having industry interests that span just about any major industry Functional Business c. turning into multinational which has a rapidly increasing global organization Divisional Organization d. Employed in a business environment of speedy and radical change, along with strong competition Matrix Business 3-5: As the companies will be growing in size there might pitfalls in organization in integrating departments. By creating the methods and procedures, management trying to eliminate the disputes between the departments; so every company will need to set a few policies, procedures and guidelines to estimate the improvement.

3-6: Job cost and Project duration: These two are inter related factors. Task cost is loaded with matrix and product corporation structure clearly duration is incredibly less in these structures. Inside the functional company structure expense is less nevertheless time to full project is usually lags in back of. We should find the structure depends on the environment. Project Scheduling: It is hard to prepare great estimations in case the project solutions are less. Arranging should fulfill the commitments of structure. Inside the pure efficient organization, time and schedule were sacrificed. Matrix project supervision is an attempt to obtain maximum technology and performance in a costeffective manner and within time and schedule restrictions. In the natural project structure, the fast reaction period keeps activities on schedule, although technology endures because with out strong functional groups. Technology Requirements: Improve technology is among the most frequent cause in selecting an organization. Thus giving greater productivity of the project with cheaper. Technology may be the way with which tasks are accomplished applying tools, gear and approaches. The geographical locations: Organization development varies from place to place revenue and loss centers could hardly be performed in the same manner. The place of the firm should designed for resources to customers to get into and give good service. The necessary working relationships with the client: Business popularity has become developing challenge. The results of the project reviewed and commented by simply customer is visible to the planet. Organizations should certainly turn the technology to impress the customers with low prices. Firm should select their framework such that buyer involvement is necessary in product design. 3-7: Advantages of superimposing one organizational form more than other: we. ii. 3. Increasing lifespan of an firm. We can choose the individuals in line with the need of project. Consultant can be introduced to environment; we can fix the problems in...