Inside Control Program Questionnaire

 Internal Control System Customer survey Essay


An internal control program refers to the process by which businesses maintain surroundings that encourage incorruptibility and deter fraudulent activities by managements and personnel. Internal control systems will be evaluated through the planning phase of an 3rd party financial statement audit. This is actually the system is also called detection and prevention of fraud in an organization. The

" Customer survey Method” is definitely one of several techniques to measure internal control system of any kind of organization, institutes or organization firms.

Precisely what is Internal Control System?

Inside control program integrated construction and this broadly defined as a process, effected by an entity's panel of administrators, management and other personnel, made to provide fair assurance about the achievement of objectives in relation to operations credit reporting and compliance.

Internal control system while defined within an " Accounting” and " Auditing” is known as a process for assuring accomplishment of an organization's objectives in operational efficiency efficiency reliable financial revealing and compliance with regulation regulations and policies. An extensive concept internal control entails everything that handles risk to a organization.

Analysis of Inner Control Program

There are basically four crucial techniques to evaluation of internal control those are

Narrative Method



Stream Charting


Narrative Method

The Customer survey Method

A questionnaire email lists a series of query about certain internal control structure element. An internal control questionnaire is a document which will an auditor provides to employees of a company before performing an audit. The questionnaire is useful to determine which usually areas the audit will need to focus on. The moment employees answer the queries, the auditor knows perhaps the company can be keeping appropriate records total, and provides evidence that shows that that is responsible for which documents. The corporation receives some great benefits of having a less expensive, faster and more effective audit because of the internal control set of questions.


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Objectives: These types of following inquiries are associated with assure the overall organization structure to achieving the objective of the business. Questions

1 . Are the responsibilities for essential employees with the

organization described?

2 . Is there an organization graph and or chart which








3. Does the organization have a

affirmation of Mission and targets?

4. Will the accounting program provide for

acquiring and documenting expenditures

by simply grant and cost category shown inside the

approved finances?

5. Will the organization keep a

insurance plan manual within the following:

A. approval power for financial


W. guidelines for controlling expenses,

such as getting requirements and

travel authorizations?

6. Will the organization use an operating

spending budget to control money by activity?

7. Provides any element of the company

activities recently been audited in the past a couple of

years by another governmental agency or perhaps

independent public accountant?

8. Does a useful records management

program exist?

9. Perform managers help to make periodic reviews of

the reporting program to determine if it is

meeting current needs?

Yes No N/A Comments Sources

10. Is there procedures regulating the

maintenance of accounting records?

A. Happen to be subsidiary information for accounts

payable, accounts receivable, etc .,

balanced with control accounts on a

monthly basis?

W. Are log entries accepted,

explained and supported?

C. Do accrual accounts give adequate

control over income and expense?

Deb. Are accounting records and valuables

properly secured in limited access areas?


Objectives: To determine that cash received is properly accounted for and lodged. Questions

Certainly No N/A Comments Reference point

1 . Are typical cash...