Inventory Essay

Chapter 1


In our world, physical appearance is very vital. We all want to be fabulous and extraordinary. People assess each other about how they look. Nevertheless like what this estimate says, " Beauty with the eye with the beholder”.

Currently cosmetics can be considered one of the most important thing that human beings has at any time discovered by using cosmetics our daily life become easier by way of human cleanliness because of makeup products and detergent by the help of Silka Beauty Asia.

This kind of research studies focuses on the progress and progress Silka Cosmetique Asia. Silka Cosmetique Asia is one of the most leading company and retailer of good quality cosmetics products not only in Israel but likewise in Asia region. In 2001 Silka Cosmetique Asia Corporation set up itself being a new firm bargain of cosmetic and beauty products in neuro-scientific cosmetic products. Silka Cosmetique Asia guided simply by its owner Alexander S. Co, whom earned his credibility thru over 35 years' experience in the field of aesthetic industry.

Before they celebrate the company's 1st four years in makeup industry, Silka Cosmetique Asia launched " Juicy Cologne” the company initially perfume merchandise. The company aim is to give the consumers good quality and affordable cosmetic products. A commitment increased with the company initiated with intensive nevertheless also intensive research as well as the development of good quality and competitive products made out of highly effective 100 % natural ingredients. Sales and Inventory method is a systematic means of handling the flow of fabric which will be beneficial for industries. A listing control method is a set of hardware and software based tools that automate the process of checking inventory. The kinds of products on hand tracked with an inventory control system consist of almost any form of quantifiable very good, including foodstuff, clothing, books, equipment, and any other item that customers, retailers, or wholesalers may well...