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 IOI businessperson Essay





(APT 2013)




1) Introduction

2) Entrepreneur's Profile

3) Entrepreneur backdrop

4) Company background

5) Company Profile

6) Business owner achievement

7) Why do I admire him?

8) Conclusion

9) Appendixes


The termВ entrepreneur is usually used to describe an individual who sets up and operates a business or businesses, dealing with financial risk to do so. Although, entrepreneurshipВ is the act and art penalized anВ entrepreneurВ or person who undertakes improvements orВ introducing the euphoric pleasures, finance and business acumen in an effort to transform innovations in to economic products. An entrepreneur can be an economic agent who combines all way of production and therefore produces a product and by offering the product on the market he benefits his revenue. He alterations economic resources out of an area of decrease and into an area better productivity and greater yield. A successful entrepreneur possesses strong management abilities and team development abilities as essential command attributes. In order to possess all those skills, you should boost up their very own entrepreneurial patterns. Entrepreneurial behavior refers to kinds mindset in a decision making method which defers in everybody. Some offers fixed mindset which prevents them coming from growing further, where different some features growth mindset which allows these to learn, check out, develop and grow broadly. Entrepreneurial attitude is a pair of cognitive thinking process that creates the individual to behave or to respond entrepreneurially. By inculcating entrepreneurial mindset one entrepreneur can work devoid of supervision, self-motivate, make speedy decisions, manage stress, unbiased and flexible, targeted, persistent and patient. Suntan SriВ Dato' Shelter Shin Cheng, is a good entrepreneur who have possesses every one of the criteria stated previously. He was capable of enhance the regarding his business, IOI Group, internationally within a certain period of time. He was able to overcome the chance that he faced during his peak time in his business. He can currently the next richest business man with estimated of 15. 88 billion well worth assets in Malaysia who had ventured to United States, Holland, Singapore and many more countries. Furthermore, he is world's 234th richest man outlined. Besides that, he managed to claim his company, IOI Group, which can be listed in Bursa Malaysia, as one of the world's leading conglomerate controlling oil palm plantations, specialised fats, oleo chemicals and property creation activities in Malaysia, Indonesia, United States, and Europe. В He had a large number of pull and push elements that motivated him to venture in this organization and made him a successful entrepreneur in this technology. He had desired goals and should achieve if he started this kind of business which will he had attained far further than his goals and aims. And Suntan SriВ Dato' Shelter Shin Cheng happens to be the entrepreneur which I adore the most as he is famous and well known in Asian countries. ENTREPRENEUR'S PROFILE

Identity: Lee Shin Cheng

Gender: Male

Grow older: 74 years (2013)

Competition: Chinese

Racial: Han Chinese language

Birth Date: third June 1939

Birth Place: Kuala Lumpur

Citizenship: Malaysian

Education: Honorary Doctorate (Universiti Putra Malaysia)

Occupation: Executive Chairman of IOI Group

Titles: Color Sri & Dato'

Marital Status: Wedded

Children: a couple of sons & 4 children

Financial Well worth: 15. 88 billion

Malaysian Rank: 4th Richest

Globe Ranking: 234th Richest


Bronze SriВ Dato' Shelter Shin Cheng was born on 3rd Summer 1936 in the northeast location of Kuala Lumpur. He was born within a traditional Oriental family to whom belongs to Ryan Chinese cultural. Lee grew up in the northeast region ofВ Kuala Lumpur where a rubber planting located. His father leaped a small China food shop in that place to support his family. His family...


(APT 2013)