Kazakhstan Article


Kazakhstan is situated in Central Asia and Asian Europe. With an area of about 2, 717, 300 sq kilometers, Kazakhstan is more than twice the combined scale the different four Central Asian states, or about twice the size of Alaska. The country borders Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan to the south; Russia to the north; Russian federation and the Caspian Sea towards the west; and China's Xinjiang Uygur Independent Region for the east.


Kyrgyzstan is actually a small , tremendous mountain, landlocked nation in the center of Central Asia laying between 390 and 430 N and 690 and 800 Elizabeth, covering 198 000 kms2, with a mixed ethnic inhabitants of underneath 4 500 000. The nation is bordered to the north by Kazakstan, to the south by China and Tajikistan and the western by Uzbekistan, and is almost entirely mountainous with just 7% from the land area suitable for fertile agriculture. Along with Tajikistan, it is among the poorest of the ex - Soviet Union republics.


Plant life in Tajikistan may differ by place. Vegetation within the steppes contains drought-resistant grasses and low shrubs. Great fields of wild poppies and tulips grow for the steppes exactly where they go up into the foothills. The mountain slopes will be covered with dense forests of coniferous trees, including spruce. The mountains also have grassy meadows, where wild flowers such as untamed iris and edelweiss full bloom in summer season. Ancient jungles of wild walnut trees are found around the lower mountain slopes.


The pain relief and local climate plays a significant role in the formation of Azerbaijan's top-soil. As a result of the influence of those factors ground on the place of Azerbaijan Republic are situated in the top to bottom zones. Republican soils happen to be of 25 types, and divided into sixty sub-types. Chestnut (gray-brown) soil in the republic spread among 400-800 m. of elevations. The amount of humus in these garden soil is 2, 5-3, 5%. In Increased and Lesser Caucasus Mountain range, in the Ganja-Gazakh and Mil-Garabakh plains, in Ajinohur and...