Literary Analysis of My Boy the Fan

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Literary Analysis of My Kid the Lover

Written by Hanif Kureishi, the short history My Child the Lover develops throughout the conflict among a father and his kid. In the tale, the father Parvez who is actually a taxi new driver immigrated by Pakistan to England together with his family 20 years ago. His son Ali is a student in England. When Ali was behaving extraordinarily, Parvez's mistrust led him to discover that Ali got turned into a religious Muslim. Parvez, although delivered as a Muslim, does not strictly abide by Islam rules. The daddy and son are having different morals; hence that they could hardly recognize each other peoples moral values anymore. Because the author informed the story in Parvez's point of view, it might be questionable that between Parvez and Ali, which usually character is on the proper side. Nevertheless , as the title of the account suggested, Kureishi, the author, plainly wanted to persuade the readers the fact that son Ali is the lover, urging your readers to take Parvez's side.

The writer Kureishi, don't ever, has represented Parvez a perfect man. Parvez as a character has a lots of shortcomings: being a Muslim, he gambles; this individual drinks; this individual eats pork; he is fun of religion representative--the local mullahs and as a husband, this individual tries to avoid his wife by driving a car the night taxi cab (Kureishi 61, 63). A lot of may believe he is actually not depicted being a good person or as being a good father because those shortcomings, on the contrary, those flaws draw him closer to the readers. Parvez as a character came into existence so just like somebody to whom the readers could have known from other real life--a good man but with defects. Therefore , it is imaginable just how easily could the readers correspond with the character and even his concerns in the history. Under Kureishi's depiction, Parvez might not be an excellent Muslim, but his morals were not absolutely compromised. For instance , he saved Bettina, a prostitute by a violent client, this individual obviously includes a clear normal on what's right or wrong besides what is becoming...