A trip to Grand Rapids

 A trip to Grand Rapids Essay

10. december. 2013

Making a stop in Grand Rapids

At first Roger Hedlund appears to be surprised, that his to daughters applied their house to throw a party at their particular farmyard. This individual and his better half, Cindy, sneaked up on 'the carnival' where party was occuring. That they watched headlamps lightning in different directions, the thought that the music was to deafening, and his hens became increasingly more dazed by the drumming music. Roger don't realize that there were that many teenage kids inside the county. He watched the youngsters move around the farmyard having beer keg and completing around their particular cigarettes, which in turn didn't help him acknowledging his two daughter holding a party without his understanding. Seeing the youngsters smoke this individual got a flashback, if he himself kept a party in his father's house if he was young. His better half, Cindy, described that they themselves met at a party prior to they got together. One 'problem' Roger didn't want to accept was his girl, Martha, craving a cigarette and inhaling it. He didn't actually want to allow it, but he didn't whatever it takes to stop this.

Roger Hedlund is a farmer. He is quite concerned by look in the weather, since the rainfall came in the wrong period ruining the crops. This individual has tight personality, as he tells Martha to send her kitten in the rainfall, he explains to her that is what the pelt is for -- after have heard the cat cry pitifully he regrets it, and go outside to appearance it. He is a father who wants to have confidence in the best of his daughters, and wants to let the two daughters be home more while a little days off together with his wife and stay at her sister at Grand Rapids. When they drove away from house Roger isn't quite relaxed by thought of giving his daughters alone. When he sees each of the cars planning towards the farm building, he could hardly stop being interested, so they will 'sneak' backside on foot to the farmville farm to check on these people. Watching the girls' action makes him realize that he cannot keep an eye on them permanently. He says to his wife, that he cannot carry on the function...