Medical Marijuana: Advantages or disadvantages?

 Medical Pot: Good or Bad? Essay

Angela Holloway

Kurt Russow/ Comp. School

LTE assignment

April twenty-two, 2011

About April 18, 2011, My spouse and i read a peice in the New York Times that read Terry Robertson Inquiries Prison intended for Pot Convictions. (Shear) This article had captured my eye because of whom Pat Robertson is and exactly how you didn't think he'd be intended for the legalization of Pot. I would have to agree with what Pat goes on to say and how I feel a lot of it is smart.

" Now i am not precisely for the use of drugs, don't get me wrong, nevertheless I just assume that criminalizing marijuana, criminalizing carefully of a few ounces of weed, that kind of thing, it can just, is actually costing us a fortune and it is ruining young adults, ” Mister. Robertson stated. " Teenagers go into prisons; they go in as youth adults and appear as hard criminals. That isn't a good thing. ” That is what Pat Robertson, the televangelist who when ran to get president, stated on his demonstrate " The 700 Club” while mentioning how believed marijuana staying legalized can be a good thing.

I i am a forty one year old better half and mother who has got her great number of life experiences. My personal past encounters include applying marijuana from time to time when I was younger. I actually never started to be an avid consumer and only remember having a good time when I used. We distinctively keep in mind how its effects relaxed me the put myself more at ease. Unfortunately, prison and prison are also within my past encounters and that's wherever I have to agree with Mr. Robertson and what he says in this post. I do assume that people being put in prison and prisons for small marijuana expenses is doing only costing all of us millions in dollars in prosecuting them and revealing these people to offenders who have are there to get much more risky offenses. My personal marijuana employ and jail time had not do with each other. I was sentenced for a problem that I had done and was correctly sentenced for this crime. My spouse and i took it very serious and did what needed to be done to get back home and start more than. If it's not really...

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