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п»їDanielle N Sandlin

Module 2- Activity 2 . 6

25 January 2015

1 . By which ways perform smartphones support these companies be a little more profitable? About what extent are improvements in performance caused by revenue raises or price reduction? Offer several cases from the circumstance.

It is very obvious that improved technology has benefited these companies in a number of ways. For the Magellan Program one advantage is that they shall no longer be wasting beneficial man hours sending general technicians to project sites unprepared, in order to travel back in speak the expert tech. They can now communicate by means of voice, text, and picture connection. They have as well state that smartphones have helped speed up the purchase order process, now approvers can be virtually anywhere with cellular services. For Lloyd's Construction, they may have used mobile phones to their profit in every possible way. They use them for GPS DEVICE, voice interaction, walkie-talkies, and they are generally also employing computer accounting software. They can be paying about $50, 500 for the smartphone solutions, but they are saving cash around money 1 , 000, 000 a year, in productive, daily news cost, and fuel expense.

2 . The firms described in the case encountered a reasonable amount of resistance coming from employees when introducing touch screen phone technologies. Why do you think this happened? What could companies do to improve the reception of those initiatives? Develop two alterative propositions. I believe many persons get caught in their aged ways and don't like to transform their schedule. When iphones first to enter the market they were a little difficult to discover ways to use. I am certain that these companies could simply conduct a seminar for all those employees to master how to use the unit. They can also somehow convert the varieties the employees are familiar with in an electronic version on the phones, and so they are continue to comfortable with their particular normal schedule. 3. CPS energy and Lloyd's construction used smart-phones to make existing processes more effective. How...