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For our class job I decided to go to a live concert at Bargemusic, a floating concert lounge in Brooklyn, I chose is because I thought it might be cool to get on a vessel for a concert. This live show will be about Friday Nov 30th at 8 pm. I will give attention to the two masterwork series they shall be performing. The first one is Takemitsu Quatrain 2, Between Tides and the second one is Messiaen Quartet to get the End of your time. There will be a trio having a cello, violin, piano, and clarinet. This seems really interesting and I review photos within this venue. Excellent very nice watch and i think very formal. I decide to focus on equally pieces Let me listen to they are all on YouTube and they are both interesting find it interesting how a piano, cello, clarinet and a violin will come together to generate a piece. Even though this is not my type of music I will try to enjoy this piece. And so i watched Messiaens piece online and judging from the videos this piece has 8 movements. The first movements is called liturgy of crystal. This piece has a smooth feel to it. But for me its kind of disproportional. The keyboard plays incredibly soft although not in a easy melody. It looks like the pianist is just playing different remarks that don't go with each other. The violin plays within a high message. The dynamic level raises in this motion. The flute is very fortissimo. I feel just like its leading on the other instuments because of how loud as well as the way it really is playing. I will hardly listen to the cello but I am able to see that the cello gamer is playing a single long note at a time, very slowly and long. The second piece is known as vocalize. That starts off remarkable with the piano. It looks like the pianist was banging within the piano. The violin and clarinet plays fast and extremely forte. The cello requires a rest. Then this violin plays very noisy in a substantial pitch, then the cello, then the clarinet. They pause then the pianist interrupts the pause by hiting the keys onto her piano hard from excessive to low. Suddenly the instruments all play a soft...