Narrative Report

 Narrative Survey Essay


I. The Goals of My Off-Campus Practice

A. Personal Skills

M. Business Expertise

2. Company's Background/Profile

III. The Nature of the effort in My Office

IV. Obtaining Along at work

4. A. New Friends I Acquired

IV. B. Observation on the Rules of the Workplace * To get the Employees

2. For students Trainees

IV. C. Ground Plan of My Workplace

V. An assessment of My personal Training

Versus. A. Office Procedures My spouse and i Learned and Applied

2. How are the employees being examined?

* What are the employee's benefits?


a. What is the organizational chart of the department?

b. Recognize the different parts and their individual functions inside the department you are deployed. c. If any, what accounting system/s is utilized for the department/company? d. Exactly how are business transactions recorded? Exactly what are the forms being used?

Sixth is v. B. Business office Equipment Operated

V. C. Duties and Responsibilities/Work Done in the Office

MIRE. Observed Organizational Values

* Sociable Relationships

5. Working Relationships with the Business and Co-Workers * Teamwork

* Quality of Service Delivered

2. Punctuality

2. Personal Grooming

VII. Challenges Encountered At my Training and How I Resolved Them

VIII. Recommendations/Feedback of the scholar on the School's Practicum Training Program

IX. Set of Attachments

I. The Goals of My personal Off-Campus Practice

The purpose of the practicum teaching is to give you the students with opportunities to combine and apply knowledge, principles, and abilities gained in the classroom. In addition , this seeks to supply students the needed expertise to raise as well as the highest requirements and top quality in practice with the profession. Away campus practice gives knowledge and training to practicum students to use the hypotheses learn from classroom setting. A preparation for all of us in the business globe particularly in the field of finance and accounting in order to meet the needs of the real world. The main goals of this teaching are to acquire self confidence and develop social skills that are essential guns in our long term employment. These skills are really essential for the progression of our maturity and this will lead to the improvement of sociable skills from the student in practice of their occupation. Some of the skills needed to be designed are the next:

I. A. Personal expertise

* Positive outlook

2. An important attitude to provide oneself in the workplace, a daily positive way of thinking particularly when it comes to stress filled situations. To consider the nicer side of problems as challenges to progress oneself in fixing long term troubles. Just one way of thinking that almost always there is a metallic lining I every dilemma, that it can always be outdone. * Self-confidence

2. Objectively studying your own situation, skills and attributes, recognizing the strengths and weaknesses, and acknowledging areas for improvement. Reflecting as well as accurately judging your efforts and progress. 2. Commitment

* Staying dependable, reliable and placing everything into the work. Motivation to devote an obligation on your goals and persevering to those desired goals. Possessing a determination to be successful, focusing on the target of your commitments

* Flexibility

5. Being able to adjust to new circumstances, by applying the skills in different areas, or by acquiring new skills as needed. Being committed to doing work constructively with people with different values, backgrounds, sights and amounts of understanding. 5. Independence

5. Able to perform tasks efficiently with minimum help or approval, or without immediate supervision. 2. Learning skills

* Seeks and willingly takes in order to learn. Reveals interest in personal learning and development. Searches for feedback to enhance...