Nightingale Roll of Honour AL1 2

 Nightingale Roll of Honour AL1 a couple of Essay

The Nightingale Roll of Honour

Baytree Community Hub July 27th – 31st 2009

Workshop Commanders – Frances M Lynch, Mark Troop & Sophistication Cookey-Gam Music of the Day –an award intended for excellence in composing, performing or practicing music. Wednesday: Natalia Forchin 那塔雅, Ellie Brooks 伊莉 Portia Jewunde 波紋雅

Tersoo Agera 特梭

Tuesday: Insirah 伊撒兒& Namina 那米納Taylor Kamara, Kiah Banguwa 凱雅,

Tersoo Agera 特梭, Russheena Rowe 瓦斯那, Portia Jewanda 波茄雅 Wednesday: Ellie Brooks伊莉, Chesney Kelliott-Campbell, 雀思妮 Kayla Dumbuya 瑞拉, Kamina Dumbuya 瑞蜜拉 Nya Robinson拿雅 Nenette Mampuli涅涅緹 Chabakala喬巴卡拉 Thurs night: Russheena Rowe 瓦斯那 Tersoo Agera 特梭, Aminah阿彌尼切思

Portia Jewenda 波茄雅, Awa阿瓦阿 Insirah Taylor Kamara 伊撒兒 Fri: Jade Awakefe傑德, Kamina Dumbuya 卡蜜拉, Sharzia Pitter- Bangura 薛琦雅, Natalia Forchin那塔利亞 Vocalist of the Day – an merit for expressive excellence, improvement, courage and generosity. Monday: Insirah Taylor Kamara伊撒兒

Wednesday: Ellie Brooks伊莉, Nandipa Mukosi 南帝芭

Wed: Nenette Mampuli涅涅緹

Thursday: Tersoo Agera 特梭

Friday: Insirah那米納Taylor Kamara

Nightingale Scholar of The Week - an award intended for an outstanding and consistent contribution to the team. ___________________________

Nightingale Music in the Week – an honor for the most imaginative and inventive musical operate. ______________________________

Nightingale Singer in the Week - an award for exceptional vocal quality. _______________________________

Awarded on September 1st 2009 by Pegasus Opera & Big Oral cavity Piano Stories. The music and words designed during this week will be used simply by Big Mouth Piano Reports for their UK touring plan. The first performance of " The Emperor plus the Nightingale” will be at Lauderdale House, Highgate Hill in Nov twenty-first 2009.