Som 498 Syllabus

 Som 498 Syllabus Essay


SOM 498: Strategic Management

Semester: Spring 2011

Professor: Doctor Yan Ling

222 Venture Hall; (703) 993-1821; [email protected] edu

Program: TR 12: 30-11: 45am (section 12)

TR one particular: 30-2: 45pm (section 06)

TR 3: 00-4: 15pm (section 07)

Location: Brown Hall B203 (section 12)

Innovation Hall 206 (section 06) Advancement Hall 136 (section 07)

Office Several hours: M 15: 15-11: 45am and whenever by session


Training Material: (a) Strategic Supervision and Competitive Advantage, by J. Barney and W. Hesterly (b) Cases offered at:

Program Website Treat: Courses. gmu. edu

Program Description:

This course is a sophisticated examination of tactical management, competitive advantage, and business types. Students look at organizations coming from a cross-functional perspective, employing all the main business features covered in the SOM programs.

Prerequisites: В

Students must have completed standard education requirements and all key courses (i. e., OCH 301, ACCT 301, DESC 301, MGMT 301, FNAN 301, and MKTG 301)

Learning Goals

This school integrates the precise core ideas you learned up to this time in the GMU and College of Managing Curriculum. В You will take a look at firms and industries by an historic and current economic perspective. В Your analysis, equally written and oral, includes the principles of finance, accounting, management, and marketing, with an focus on information technology since both the 'glue' that links the useful specialties with each other and as a driving force at the rear of emerging organization models. Focusing on how the various efficient areas aligned and decide the overall performance of the organization is the essence of this capstone course. You will additionally learn more classic strategy principles including: the strategy process, the position of best management, market analysis, firm resource evaluation, strategy ingredients, including corporate and business and business level strategies, strategy implementation, innovation and growth.

Additionally , this course will certainly refine the strategic considering skills right now, before you graduate. You will master and apply proper management frames to current events and your final project. In addition to the course content, the class will help you further more develop significant skills: analysis skills, evaluation, creative thinking, important thinking, find solutions to problems, and team development. Approach to Learning

This course is designed to be centered on effective learning -- discussion and application -- rather than the classic lecture-regurgitation format. Research strongly suggests, and our educating experiences corroborate, that effective learning works more effectively and more interesting than classic lecture-based teaching methods. Good active learning requires a major investment from both students and faculty. You will need to study the assigned psychic readings before each class, execute a fair quantity of pondering and writing, and be ready to contribute to the class discussion. You should turn into a partner inside the learning environment, which means requesting questions, sharing your reactions, giving responses to your acquaintances and instructor, and staying on top of the workload. We can invest time and energy to help you attain your goals for the course, and use you to make your skills and abilities (more like a coach than a traditional lecturer). This approach requires even more work by all of us, but the long run benefits warrant the extra effort. В We will use a combination of address, discussion, and exercise during most class periods. For each and every topic region, we will usually discuss the strategic management frameworks prevalent in different industry environments first. Then, all of us will spend class the perfect time to the application of these kinds of frameworks applying both current events plus your selected jobs as a context. В