Daily news Made from Durian Husks.

 Paper Made from Durian Husks.

Durian husk is usually used being a material for making hand made daily news. You can make artsy paper that has particular habits when you help to make it out of durian psyllium pulp.

To generate paper via durian husks:

Chop a few durian husks into little pieces.

Push them into a cooking pan or drum (depends on how very much husk you cook), put water to the pan until all husks are soaked. Cooked the husks for about 1 to 1. 5 hours to make softer them. Let them cool down to room temperatures. Put them inside the blender to crush the husk fibers into pulp.

Move durian husk pulp to a sq plastic container, exercise . water if you think maybe it's also thick and mix evenly. I also add some PVC glue to make the paper stronger. Utilizing a pair of form and deckle, catch the pulp simply by immersing all of them down into the pulp liquid then lift them up slowly. Allow water circulation back from your mold towards the pulp for a few seconds. place a cloth or sponge on a flat surface and cover it which has a wet silk cotton fabric. Put the mold with pulp coating onto the wet cloth with up side straight down position (the pulp level touches the wet fabric). Press slightly then softly lift the mold. The pulp coating should stick to the damp fabric and set another part of wet cotton fabric on its surface. To squeeze water in the moist pulp coating, you can use a wood board in the same size of the mold then simply put a weight something like a stone to press the plank. After all normal water is absorbed/squeezed from the pulp sheet, take away the wood plank and the organic cotton fabric. Keep the rainy sheet in open space to make this totally dry out and turns into paper. Imaginative hands can transform durian newspaper into a wide range of artistic goods like numerous functional containers, block records, ornaments, and more.