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Reminiscing on my life, I realized I've made many mistakes. I actually never believed what mother and father told me. Merely had only listened to what they tried to educate me and took it into consideration on what I had been told, I would have kept myself a whole lot of difficulties and time.

However , I decided my own route and performed things my own way, not really following the assistance of mother and father. I even now remember what my parents informed me like it was just recently. They informed me " Education comes first and what goes about comes around. ”

The first lesson I discovered was once i cheated for the final exam, which induced me a lot of trouble. Everything started my freshman 12 months of high college. I manufactured new friends and movies was a lot more fun than staying house and learning. My dad cautioned me to be more focused on my school work. My spouse and i told him not to be anxious because I could always determine my way out. He as well told " Don't make an effort to be great just to get interest of others, you can expect to destroy the life”, but whatever he said appeared to go in one particular ear and out through the other. My spouse and i began to arrive to school 2 hours late each day. If I would come on period, I would rest in every class. I never did my research. I was currently behind in every class. Titles was approaching around the corner and I knew I would personally fail, so I decide to take those short cut and cheat within the exam. To bad this time, I got caught and had many bad experiences with the teachers and school main. It was a tough experience.

That seemed like the lessons get stronger as I get older. This is the time when ever my parents discussed " what goes around, comes around”. I started online dating a lot around this age. Relating to women in senior high school; it was awesome to have various boyfriends. You might say that I had fashioned many boyfriends. I did not value their feeling most of the moments; I would break their hearts, hurt all their feeling. Till one day, I actually met boys and fell in love with him but this individual did not have any emotions for me. I...