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Theme four

Step 1 – Identify the BOTTLE THE NECK AND THROAT – in cases like this, the 2nd jet (Fluidized Bed) was the logjam at the 4th step from the 7step procedure. The 2nd reactor is limited to 400 lots per circuit and each circuit takes numerous hours to total. Since this is a continuous method system, it is necessary to ensure the 2nd reactor is always full mainly because it has limited capacity. From there, we worked backwards throughout the previous three steps to arrive at the initial tons of materials required for each process.

Divide input at 2nd reactor (400) by (1-mass loss) and (1-yield loss) to arrive at insight for the first reactor, and repeat the process to arrive at inputs intended for the preceding two periods. The result of this calculation can be described as starting dependence on 576. 5 tons of iron ore fees entering the system to ensure 4 hundred semi-processed loads enter the next reactor.

The 356. 4 tons of outflow from the second reactor (400 x 1- yield loss x 1- mass loss) is the type to the next stage. We extended to take the outflow coming from each step and multiply simply by (1- the yield loss) to arrive at the last value of 321. a few tons of Popular Briquetted Straightener (HBI), every cycle.

The number of cycles in a given time was decided to be 1839. 6. It was arrived at by simply multiplying 365 days x 24 hours/day by (1 – total downtime) divided by simply 4 hour cycle period (cycle coming back the 2nd reactor or bottleneck). Downtime from this production procedure is preservative since the process is continuous.

Changing cost = cycles annually x input value for process (calculation above) by the changing cost for this process coming from Exhibit 14. Combining the variable costs for each with the steps results in a total varying cost of $57, 004, 012. We then added the fixed costs of 20 dollars, 790, 1000 from Demonstrate 12 to realize a total cost of $77, 794, 012.

We then divided the producing value by the total deliver (cycles occasions output every cycle) of 591, 447 to arrive at cost per load of HBI of: $131. 53.